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Say What?!

I am new to this.  Thrust into this by my sister.   So I sit here contemplating what do I say?  Something inspiring? Funny? Eloquent?  Let’s be honest writing is not one of my strengths!  So with that in mind bear with me we quietly go on with this journey…

I have recently found a joy of making scarves.  With Christmas fast approaching I realized that I needed to come up with some gifts for some people in my life.  As like most right now, there’s not the extra budget to go buy all this cool stuff and I refuse to get myself into major credit card debt and feel like crap afterwards.  So with the helpful inspiration of my sister we made a really cute bag.  I thought I could make some of these as gifts!  So off I ventured to make more bags!  The first one I made on my own…well lets just say we’ll chalk it up to a learning experience.  It really was an epic fail!  The second one, turned out BIG.  I just have to laugh at how big it ended up!  It wasn’t as bad as the first one but I was still not feeling like this was something worthy to be out in public.  As I sat at my sewing machine feeling defeated and cold. I grabbed a piece of polar fleece and wrapped it around me.  AH HA! I could make a scarf! Right?  I was still feeling a bit adventurous and who cared I already failed at my first bag!  What did I have to lose?  So online I went.  Looking at different styles and colors.  I found so many I was so happy 🙂  After the first one didn’t turn out so bad, I made another.  And another.  Then I went and found more ideas and before I knew I had made 14!  I didn’t realize how much fun I was having until I called my sister and was talking so fast she made me repeat everything again but at normal speed!    There is such a peace in finding something that makes you happy.  Something hat you can’t wait to tell someone, even if it’s just one person.

I wish this for everyone.  No matter what you do, do it with love.

I cannot wait for Christmas this year!

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